Eso Società Benefit Arl, company specialized in waste management

Paper disposal

collection of paper, directly from inside your offices

Paper disposal

A complete service, carried out by qualified personnel for the regular withdrawal of the card, directly into your offices, ensuring the destruction of a way of confidentiality and the proper recovery at authorized facilities.

The service provides two types of containers, ESObox ® cardboard to pick up the plain paper in your office and ESObox ® aluminum for the collection of confidential documents.

In any case the service provided by ESO for the treatment of confidential files and paper plants is ensured through The Secret Paper Company ® that ensure the destruction of paper records in accordance with DIN 32757 - now defined in DIN EN15713 - Level 3 for confidential documents and Level 2 for internal documents.

At the end of the process ESO provides the customer with the certificate of destruction with the proof of the shredded material. All in the strictest confidence.

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  • Società Benefit arl
    Capitale Sociale Euro 300.000,00

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    R.E.A. 1636344

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  • Iscritto all'Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali
    Iscrizione n° MI31797 - Sezione Regione Lombardia

    Iscritto all'Albo Nazionale per il Trasporto Conto Terzi
    Iscrizione n° MI-0884798-E.


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