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ESO and the Naviglio Marathon


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This year too ESO sponsors the Naviglio Marathon sporting event – From Cernusco to New York, that has reached its 13th edition, it will take place May 31st next. Organized by Lions Club of Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI) and Cernusco Athletics, this event has now become a tradition for the whole area of the Naviglio Martesana.  The proceeds from the sale of the tickets will be destined to the fulfillment of solidarity project.  The takings of this 13th Edition will be devolved to a project in Sri Lanka that aims to feed, with continuity, 1.100.000 mothers and their children until they reach 4.9 years of age. (Lions World Food Programme) and the putting into effect a capillary programme for training and information in schools, for the fight against drugs and drug taking.  All information on the web site

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