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Management and disposal
spray cans

Spray cans made of aluminium can be 100% recycled. But to facilitate differentiated collection, a few small rules must be followed: before throwing the spent product into the differentiated collection, it is important to make sure that the containers have been emptied of their contents.

Gestione smaltimento bombolette spray

Our spray can collection and disposal service is active throughout Italy.




Delivery of the Spray Cans Binsmade of linear polyethylene at the customer's premises, on loan for use.

Scheduled collection with our vehicle authorised by the National Register of Environmental Professionals for the transport of waste.

Envisaged Waste Identification Forms (in Italy FIR - Formulari di Identificazione Rifiuti) filled out by us, which will have to be duly signed when the material is collected.

Disposal of waste collected at legally authorised platforms. Return of the fourth copy of the form stamped by the final plant after certification of disposal.

Assistance service for bureaucratic problems (filling in registers, forms, etc.) or technical problems, through the Freephone number 800 065324 Technical Support - and/or the relevant website



The container is made of linear polyethylene, 100% recyclable, coloured in mass and treated with UV rays. Fastened to the base by means of an automatic safety lock system; anti-theft restricted access inlet, protected against rain and free of moving parts; it is customised for the collection of SPRAY cans.

The Spray Can Bin is designed for the insertion of a 70x110 cm disposable bag and is equipped with shaped side handles for handling; it can be fixed to the ground or equipped with ballast.

When the container is filled, ESO takes care of the collection with the express service (EXP) or programmed service (PROG) and will insert an empty replacement bag in the ESObox.


The environment

For the correct disposal of empty spray cans, please be sure that they are definitely and completely free of any hazardous substances.

It must be remembered that the gases inside these metal containers can be flammable if they come into contact with heat sources and atmospheric agents.

In extreme cases - such as, for example, sudden changes in temperature - explosions can occur, with obvious negative consequences for 

The Regulations

They can only be recycled with aluminium materials if there is no danger symbol on the packaging. If, on the other hand, the label indicates flammable and hazardous material, the canister must be placed in the appropriate containers or brought to waste collection centres that accept waste classified as hazardous municipal waste.

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