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Toner and cartridge disposal Office waste mangement

Toner and cartridge disposal

Collection of toner and inkjet laser cartridges and used ribbons. Three sizes of elegant boxes made from recycled cardboard for different materials used in offices. At the first delivery you are supplied with an ESObox®, our qualified staff will carry out the subsequent pick-ups collecting the full sack and replacing it with a new one in the ESObox®.

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Neon strip disposal Office waste mangement

Neon strip disposal

Collection of mercury bulbs (neon type). The ESObox® neon thanks to its telescopic structure allows the insertion of the strips of any size into the same box. Appropriate perforated cardboard supports protect the bulbs during transport.

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Disposal of Fluorescent Lamps Office waste mangement

Disposal of Fluorescent Lamps

Withdrawal of low consumption lamps mercury lamps and small non-linear fluorescent lamps for disposal. With his size, "bench", the ESObox LAMP for disposal fluorescent lamps easily found its place also at points of sale of electrical material, allowing for easy collection of energy saving light bulbs, ensuring the right end of life for these small but polluting sources of light with the disposal fluorescent lamps.

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Hi-Tech disposal Office waste mangement

Hi-Tech disposal

Collection of obsolete electronic equipment, computers, videos, printers, photocopiers, scanners, servers, fax machines. The service includes collection by qualified staff directly inside your offices. It allows the client who will enclose the complete list of the hardware, to cross them off the register of amortisable goods through an accounting entry.

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Disposal Micro Electronics and R.A.E.E. Office waste mangement

Disposal Micro Electronics and R.A.E.E.

Withdrawal of small electrical and electronic equipment for disposal in accordance with the micro-electronics DM March 8, 2010 n. 65 ("ONE AGAINST ONE"). At the point of sale of electronic materials, service centers, warehouses of retail and wherever there is a need for withdrawal of small micro electronic equipment for disposal, ESO offers annual subscriptions of planned interventions, thus giving the opportunity to benefit the organization and expertise in the environmental field that the company has acquired more than a decade activities and disposal microelectronic.

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Paper disposal Office waste mangement

Paper disposal

A complete service, carried out by qualified personnel for the regular withdrawal of the card, directly into your offices, ensuring the destruction of a way of confidentiality and the proper recovery at authorized facilities.

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Disposal plastic and cans Office waste mangement

Disposal plastic and cans

The service includes collection of plastic bottles and beverage cans arising from the collection inside your offices to dispose plastic and cans.

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Cell phone disposal Office waste mangement

Cell phone disposal

A practical and fun exhibitor "vintage" to be put on the counter of your store, your company, or large retailers, to enable the collection of used mobile phones and disposal of batteries and battery disposal of mobile phones, in full compliance with the rules laid March 8, 2010 by DM number 65, where it has recourse obligation, or in order to voluntarily contribute to the environment by giving a service to its customers.

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Battery disposal Office waste mangement

Battery disposal

Collection of any type of battery and rechargeable ones from mobile phones. At the first delivery we supply the ESObox®, Our qualified personnel will carry out further pick-ups taking the full sack and replacing it in the ESObox® with a new one.

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Filters disposal Office waste mangement

Filters disposal

Collection of air conditioner filters and fancoils. An appropriate container in recycled cardboard allows the collection of filters of various sizes from the servicing of installations and the offices. The substitution of the filter ESObox® with empty ones avoids the dispersal of dust in the surrounding area.

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Dry undifferentiated Office waste mangement

Dry undifferentiated

A special container made ​​of recycled allows the collection of non-recyclable materials (inorganic) produced during daily life in the workplace. A completion to the creation of ESOisola for recycling in your company.

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PAPER SHREDDERS Office waste mangement


To complete the range of services ESO, became part of the catalog, the sale of shredders for paper materials for the safety of your documents directly in the company. The shredders are produced by HSM ® and ensure the destruction of documents according to DIN EN15713 (ex DIN 32757).

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Office waste mangement


In line with the policy of ESO, the service offered to the customer is complete: from analysis to classification of the waste in its proper packaging and labeling, ADR transport and disposal at approved facilities.

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The Secret Paper Office waste mangement

The Secret Paper

Given the new regulations regarding security of sensitive data, ESO intends to meet all requirements of confidentiality under a new brand: The Secret Paper, designed for the management of confidential documents and paper files as well as CDs, floppy disks and cards credit.

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ESO stands for Ecological Services Outsourcing, was founded in 1999 with a management service for office waste, at the service of companies located throughout Italian territory. The "cycle of recycling" is the philosophy that drives the daily work of ESO, which has at the heart of its activities, the awareness that the environment is a resource to be preserved, as well as a common good and that the waste can be transformed from waste to resourc... Further details

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ESO contacts the client both through our Commercial Office and through authorized agents. In any case whichever way the Client comes to ESO the service is carried out directly by ESO personnel.The only one specialized to follow each phase of the service.The official distributors are identified by the mark “authorized ESO agent”.A task force of ADR trucks approved and authorized for the transport of waste and their respective drivers equipped with ADR license and specialized in the treatment of waste and always on hand, all over Italy, to collect 100% of the types of office waste.The mark “authorized agent” guarantees that the service is carried out by ESO personnel.You can purchase ESO services also through the Agents and the net of authorized dealers over the whole of Italy. Further details

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