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From waste to resource: esosport is born

The esosport project was born as a result of great passion for sport, expertise in the world of waste, respect for the environment and its protection and the principles governing the circular economy.

What can you do with an old pair of sports shoes that have become unusable and worn out?


esosport responds to this question through eco-sustainable activities by implementing the “recycling cycle”.

The recycling cycle

Removing materials that damage the environment from landfills: this is the task of esosport which, in its run, bike and balls versions, deals with the valorisation of waste to give it a second life.


Sports shoes, bicycle tyres and inner tubes, tennis balls once they reach the end of their life can be recycled and transformed into secondary raw materials, that can be used for the development of eco-sustainable projects.

Informazioni tecniche

ESObox esosport run

60x60x80 cm

ESObox esosport bike

60x60x80 cm

Projects for mankind and the environment

With the secondary raw material, coming from the recycling of used sports material, ESO creates anti-trauma flooring for children's playgrounds (Il Giardino di Betty) and athletics tracks (La pista di PIETRO).


ESO, through the non-profit organisation Associazione GOGREEN onlus, donates free of charge to public administrations the secondary raw material for the realization of new initiatives in the territory.