ESO - Società Benefit a.r.l. - P.IVA IT IT 13288930152

Management, collection and recovery

Your Ecological Partner

Transports and disposes

Office, industrial and special waste throughout Italy

Creates and controls

Environmental, safety and quality management systems

Manages and destroys

Confidential paper and paper archives, CDs and credit cards

Recycles and reuses

Sports and work materials for sustainable activities


Many services, all made to measure

ESO deals not only with transport and recovery of office waste, but also with special waste, electronic waste and W.E.E.E., transport and disposal of toners, neon lights, confidential documents, plastics, mobile phones, industrial waste and from 2017 also medical waste.


Many services, all made to measure

Our philosophy is based on simplicity

Managing waste means organising all the operations needed to control the entire process, from the production phase to its delivery to the plants where it will be subjected to recovery or disposal operations.

At ESO we offer a service tailored to each client: we accompany them at every stage, to make every procedure as simple as possible.




Waste management and transport throughout the country

ESO is active throughout Italy with its own ADR-approved vehicles, ESOmobili, and its own employees to encourage companies in the collection and recycling of office waste, special waste, hazardous waste and electronic waste.