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Management and disposal of

Management and disposal ofIndustrial waste


ESO specialises in the management of industrial waste such as: spray cans, hazardous packaging, tube containers, rags and gloves.

We operate throughout Italy through an articulated collection system at platforms located throughout the country for the treatment of industrial waste. The waste that is collected is conveyed to the treatment centres, where it is guaranteed that it will be recovered and subjected to valorisation or, alternatively, disposed of if the material is not suitable for recovery. One of the peculiarities of ESO is in fact that it is a company that pays attention to environmental protection in all waste disposal processes.

ESO follows the principles enshrined by the European Commission in Directive 2008/98/EC (amended by the Directive of the European Parliament and EU Council 2018/851/EU) and Regulation 2014/955/EU which were transposed into law in Italy with Italian Legislative Decree No. 152/2006, amended by Italian Legislative Decree No. 205/2010. and subsequently by means of the Stability Law 2014.
ESO, your partner specialising in the management and treatment of industrial waste throughout the country.

The different types of waste we transport and dispose of

The different types of waste we collect and process

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