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Our philosophy is based on simplicity

Managing waste means organising all the operations needed to control the entire waste process, from the production phase to its delivery to the plants where it will be subjected to recovery or disposal operations. 


At ESO, we have invented a tailor-made service that accompanies the customer at every stage, in order to make every procedure as simple as possible. From the very first phone call, our staff will direct customers to the most appropriate type of service for their business. 


Each stage is carefully monitored by qualified staff who will identify the most suitable solutions for the needs of the customer. A comprehensive service designed to assist you to make your work easier and optimise the relationship between your business and the environment.

Collections are made at the customers' offices, directly at the requested premises. In real time, through the use of a palmtop system, ESO staff photograph the form for the waste being collected, which is printed in real time via a web link with the central system of the collector.


ESO also has vehicles qualified to transport A.D.R. waste and drivers with the appropriate A.D.R. licence, who are constantly trained and informed about the reference legislation and the operating methods to be adopted during the collection and transport of waste.


Our specialised staff, who are ready to clarify any doubts, are always available to assist customers at any time with all the technical information on correct waste management.


Customer service freephone number 800-065324