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Management and collection of

Management and collection ofMedical waste


Medical waste: how to dispose of it?

ESO offers a service for the collection and disposal of nursing waste (needles, syringes, razor blades, disposable clothing, masks, sheets, caustic pencils, used hair removal strips, gloves, dressing material).


The service includes the delivery of 20, 40 and 60l containers as well as 3.75l yellow PP containers with lid and screen printing according to UN3291 to replace the full container.


This type of waste must be collected and disposed of using precautions to avoid infection.

Our specialised staff will carry out scheduled collection operations with vehicles authorised by the National Register of Environmental Managers for the transport of waste.

The nursing waste service is active throughout Italy.


Approximately 1,000 tonnes of hazardous medical waste is produced every day in Italy. This waste is not always managed and disposed of properly

The management and disposal of medical waste in Italy have been regulated by Presidential Decree 254/03 in order to protect the environment, public health and carry out effective controls.

In order to achieve this objective, the legislation has provided, among other things, for training courses for all staff involved in the management of waste from public and private healthcare facilities.

Covid-19 emergency and PPE disposal

The health emergency due to Covid-19 has given rise to new requirements and new provisions for the use of PPE.

Companies pursue this objective by equipping their workers with personal protective equipment: masks, gloves and protective clothing are indispensable tools to guarantee our health and that of those who work with us.

The correct handling of personal protective equipment (PPE) disposed of after use is a key element in limiting the possible transmission of the infection. Taking every precaution in the management of potentially infected waste is not only an act of corporate social responsibility but also a specific legal obligation.

ESO has specific experience in collecting and starting the treatment of this type of waste and offers a service that can reach any office, shop, studio or plant in just a few hours throughout Italy.


ESO employees, with company vehicles, offer a collection service that complies with all applicable regulations and is carried out with the utmost care.

We deliver the 40- or 60-litre ESObox and, depending on requirements, we collect it again in line with the frequencies agreed or required by law.

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