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Toner and cartridge disposal

Collection of toner and inkjet laser cartridges and used ribbons

Toner and cartridge disposal

ESO, since 1999, dealing with the withdrawal, recovery and disposal of exhausted toner, disposal of laser cartridges, disposal of inkjet cartridges, disposal of laser cartridges and ended tapes.

The ESO's objective is to remove waste from landfills not only would not be enhanced, but that would remain so for at least 150 years.

The toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges, once exhausted, by law are considered a special waste and must be disposed of according to procedures defined by law. These wastes contain hazardous substances, harmful to the environment and to our health.

Their detrimental impact may be limited only by entrusting their transport to specialized facilities, and disposal to a collection site, recycling and disposal, which will reuse some waste elements for new business.

ESO is meeting customer lifting it from any liability and responsibility in the proper management of such waste.

The activity of toner recycling initially consists of the collection and subsequent placement in boxes made of recycled named ESObox, available in three different sizes depending on the size of the waste: MINI, MIDI A MAXI.

After collecting the toner we are entrusted to a recycling process for the benefit of the Environment and Quality of Life.

When the service is activated the ESO's staff visit the company and defines together with the client the best placement of the ESObox, illustrating the operation of the service.

Filling of the ESObox, the company relies on ESO for the withdrawal: through express service (EXP), which is managed by the client through the toll-free number or through "ESOweb service outlets" or through the programmed (PROG), with the customer that can schedule withdrawals according to your needs and save costs.

The specialized personnel will carry out the withdrawal, replacing the bag full of used toner cartridges and inserting the spare in the ESObox for a new recovery toner cartridges and ribbons ink jet.

To solve the problem of micro collection in Enterprises, ESO provides to the customer ESOisola TM, introducing a new system of integrated waste management. ESOisola TM is composed by ESObox, available in different sizes (one for each type of waste product) that placed in the public areas of the Headquarters Company, form a true ecological island.

A complete service based on procedures that simplify the management and disposal of waste, thus supporting the principle of circular economy.

The advantages of ESOisola TM:

 - A single integrated service for the collection of all waste generated in the office

- Separate collection and the subsequent start of renewable, following the basic principles of European regulations transposed also by the Italian Government

- Cost savings

- Control through the portal ESOweb / miRegolo the correct flow in real time throughout national territory of the enterprise and / or its local units



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