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A fully developed service internet environment for waste management and disposal office waste

With Waste Management it is commonly understood the management cycle of the waste process, from their production to their final destination and therefore concerns also the issues related to the collection, transport, waste disposal. The management and the proper disposal of waste are aimed at respecting the environment and the protection of human health, in an effort to reduce the production of waste and manage the recycling so as efficient as possible.

Eso Srl takes care of supporting companies in
office waste disposal and waste management in accordance with procedures and regulations.

For this purpose, to ensure proper
office waste disposal and waste management, provides a range of online services useful to companies to move with greater awareness of the world from the management of waste and regulations relating to waste disposal. For Eso's customers are available a number of tools to manage the waste statistics and registers online, a news section and regulations, to stay up to date on industry news, the management of SISTRI, an Alert service for the latest news and updates legislative and the opportunity to speak directly with an expert.

ESOWEB thanks to its services facilitates the completion of bureaucratic procedures related to waste management, refreshes you and answers your questions.

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This service supplies continually updated summaries, for the different types of waste, both in your head office and all your corporate branches.
ESOSTAT thus enables you to evaluate, at any given moment, the amount of the waste produced.

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The service allows you to manage directly on-line your own IN/OUT Register so as to speed up the registration operations.
The system updates automatically the movements of the waste managed by ESO.
It is possible to create your own list of waste products, disposal firms, transporters, so as to speed up the filling in of the relative movements.

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This service enables you to directly manage your WEEE register (Italian Ministerial Decree 65/2010) on-line, so as to speed up the registration operations.
The system automatically updates the movements of the waste managed by ESO.
All the operations are computer-based; it is possible to fill-in the register simply using the data in the database, thus speeding up the fulfillment of the obligations of the Italian Ministerial Decree 65/2010.

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Form for on-line Environmental Declaration (MUD).
This service guarantees the filling in of this form on the basis of the data of the IN/OUT Register or on the basis of the data communicated to us by you.
ESOMUD guarantees a complete service, from the compilation of the form (MUD) to the dispatch to the competent Chamber of Commerce.

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On-line queries This service provides the possibility to put your query, relative to the interpretation of the refuse law to a specialized legal expert.
The consultation of all the replies is available via internet, through key words, and supplies support for companies through the world of waste.

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Updates on new rules and regulations. The service supplies updates on rules and regulations in relation to aspects relative to the correct management of waste.
It enables us to find in a simplified manner the principal national and European rules, regulations and laws with regards to waste; keep updated on the latest regulations that are being discussed or prepared.

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In line with the other ESO services, your company will be constantly brought up to date by e-mail on any relevant changes or updates concerning environmental laws.
This service will give you the certainty that what you do is in compliance with laws, thus avoiding heavy administrative or penal sanctions.

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Our simple software makes it easy for you to verify eligibility for municipal tax benefits (TARI ex. TARSU or TIA).
Just one click is all it takes to find out whether or not your company can benefit from tax reductions: ESO will be at your side, and will take charge of all the bureaucratic procedures.

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